Resident Evil: Afterlife...Really?

2:30 PM Posted by Jeremy Heath

OK I'll admit that the video games did scare me when i was young (and a few times last year) but this movie scares me for a totally different reason! I was super excited when i heard that they were coming out with a Resident Evil movie in 2002 but lost interest soon after seeing it. Yes it gave us zombies and lickers and hell hounds and yes they did give us a nemesis in the 2nd one but where was the mansion on the out skirts of Raccoon City? Where were the typewriter save point? Why isn't Clair Redfield or Jill Valentine the main character? These are questions i need answered!
Now i do have to say that Resident Evil: Degeneration got it right! We had Clair Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy kicking zombie ass! At least they fit in to the story of the game! Who the hell is Alice? Shes a nobody! She was a disgruntled Umbrella employee who got fired and decided to release a deadly virus and kill the whole world! Way to go you nobody!
So basically what im trying to say is, STOP MAKING RESIDENT EVIL MOVIES!!! Unless its the animated ones that actually make sense!


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